Liu Laoshi

Jacob Lau/Liu Laoshi

Liu Laoshi is our local liaison in China. He joined with Rainbow Missions to do relief work shortly after the quake in 2008 and most of the SRM team met him during our first trip to Deng Jia Xiang.

Here’s our interview with Liu Laoshi:

Q: 你是怎么知道发生在四川的大震灾? How did you find out about Sichuan Earthquake?
A: 我去四川的是因为教会想要了解灾区的受灾情况,后来因为看到灾区同胞的需要而留在灾区。
We were in Northwest China when the earthquake happened and felt its strong shock-wave.The news later confirmed that the epicenter of the earthquake was in the Sichuan area. I went there because my church community wanted to learn more about the situation at the diaster area. After seeing the many unfulfilled needs of the disaster victims. I decided to extend my stay.

Q: 他已经在这儿协助多久了?How long have you been helping with the relief effort?
A: 三年。Three years.

Q: 在这次经历中,他所学到最重要的事情是什么?What is the most important thing that you have learned from your experience?
A: 在这次的经历中,学到最重要的事情是依靠神!
The most important thing that I’ve learned from this experience is to depend on faith.

Q: 最喜爱哪种食物?What’s your favorite type of food?
A: 鱼

Q: 最想去哪儿看看? Where do you most want to visit?
A: 想去的地方有点多,不过目前很多方面都不成熟,只好放在祷告中。There are too many places that I wish to visit, but in many aspects now is not the right time, therefore I can only hold that wish in my prayer.

Q: 说说你的音乐/教孩子们的经历。Talk about your music/teaching kids.
A: 对音乐方面,以前有过梦想,但是后来都因为环境和条件的因素,就放弃了。目前喜欢轻音乐。In terms of music, it is something that I once dreamed of in the past. However, because of the environmental conditions and many other factors, I have given up pursuing it. Right now I enjoy light music.

Q: 是什么让你选择踏上这条路的?What got you started?
A: 关于教孩子倒不如说我们是在一起成长,其实在这个过程中我们收获很多快乐。不过我们拥有强大的后盾:GOD,是他教会我们怎么样和同学们相处,并且用圣经上的话语和原则去引导他们去面对各种各样的问题。

踏上这条路,是因为 耶稣爱我!
When it comes to my experience in teaching the kids, I’d like to think of it as growing with the kids. In fact, we have all gained a lot of happiness throughout this process, and ultimately is possible because because I believe that we have strong support behind.

If you have a question for one of our friends in China, tell us!


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