Beichuan county lost two-thirds of its student population during the Sichuan Earthquake. The surviving students in the outskirts of Beichuan now travel into the neighboring county 3 hours away to attend school and return home only 3 times a year. Because of Beichuan’s sensitive political situation, school construction in the area has yet to begin nearly two years after the disaster.
SRM’s mission is simple, but requires the help of many. Due to the organizations positive history in the area, SRM has been given the opportunity to construct a school in the outskirts of Beichuan, providing education for hundreds of younger students. We ask our donors to help us out, a brick at a time, a classroom at a time. Together we can rebuild the school, and more importantly reconnect families.
For more information on how to join us in this reconstruction effort please refer to the documents below. We have pictures of the site of the old school, an in-depth look at the school reconstruction plan (including costs), and finally a building block form for those that want to get involved.

How to Donate: