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SRM is headed back to Sichuan!


I just wanted to update you all about the Sichuan Relief Mission. Some great things are happening this year: the school has been finished and a new Beichuan City has been constructed. Along side these developments SRM is moving into an exciting new phase. SRM is taking the remaining money and providing need based scholarship to a group of 9 students (of varying ages) in the area. With our current funds we should be able to sustain scholarship recipients for the next 4-5 years. Our hope is to extend the tuition beyond this, and support the student’s academic career up through high school. SRM has come a long way, and gone through many phases but I am proud to say that we have made an impact. More importantly we have made a commitment that we continue to keep to this day; to continue work in a disaster stricken area past three years is no easy task.

Some of our original team members will be traveling to Sichuan for a week, August 12th – 19th, to visit these students, as well as to document the changes this area has gone through. It will be a great chance to see how much Sichuan has changed in the last three years.

If you are interested in any further updates or would like to be involved in this next stage please send me an email. Regardless thank you for your support, without your efforts Denjiaxiang and even Beichuan would be a very different place.

Kevin Wong




My name is Kevin Wong, a Hong Kong-born American, and a proud member of the Sichuan Relief Mission (SRM) from its first conception as a small student-run relief mission to the small, focused non-profit organization it is today.

SRM is about connections – connecting with the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake and sharing their stories, both their difficulties and their successes with others. There are still over a million left homeless, and SRM’s goal is to put a name and face to some of those people. We want to give these people more than supplies – we want to give them a hope for the future.

Founded in the winter of 2008, we have since achieved three successful trips into the epicenter of the earthquake, Beichuan. I am privileged to work with what is now a well-developed, experienced volunteer team of 10. We are continually expanding for the needs of those who need our help.

We are moving towards a summer relief mission, which will be our biggest yet. Again, welcome to our site, and always contact us if there are any further questions.

Kevin Wong