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Quick Update

After another brief hiatus, we are all rested up and ready to get the second phase of the Sichuan Hope Fund up and running. Thanks again to Liulaoshi – our on-site volunteer in China – for keeping us connected with our Sichuan Students.

As a quick refresher- we’re a non-profit group affiliated with the Seattle-based Rainbow Missions. Three years ago we got together because we wanted to help the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake. Since then our team has flown to Sichuan four times (all out of each team member’s own pocket). We started with delivering supplies such as water, cooking oil, and blankets, and eventually put together enough donations to fund the rebuilding of a preschool. Last summer we visited the newly constructed school, and are happy to report that students finally have the local education that has been missing the last three years!

And that’s where we are at now: having met a group of wonderful teachers and students, we are committed to staying in contact with them and providing continual support. To make sure that these students we supported know that there is still someone who cares. Our team has selected a group of 10 students who are going to receive yearly educational and living subsidies. We hope in the coming months that we can introduce them to you – for those of you who have helped fund our project, to get to know them as we have, and for those who haven’t even heard of the Sichuan Earthquake, to learn a little about a beautiful area in China.

Thanks for the support, and to our team thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to updating everyone with some student profiles soon.