My name is Kevin Wong, a Hong Kong-born American, and a proud member of the Sichuan Relief Mission (SRM) from its first conception as a small student-run relief mission to the small, focused non-profit organization it is today.

SRM is about connections – connecting with the survivors of the Sichuan Earthquake and sharing their stories, both their difficulties and their successes with others. There are still over a million left homeless, and SRM’s goal is to put a name and face to some of those people. We want to give these people more than supplies – we want to give them a hope for the future.

Founded in the winter of 2008, we have since achieved three successful trips into the epicenter of the earthquake, Beichuan. I am privileged to work with what is now a well-developed, experienced volunteer team of 10. We are continually expanding for the needs of those who need our help.

We are moving towards a summer relief mission, which will be our biggest yet. Again, welcome to our site, and always contact us if there are any further questions.

Kevin Wong


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